Arhivă pentru luis royo

on Youth…

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It was the best of times, It was the worst of times…
It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.
It was the season of light, It was the season of darkness..
It was the spring of hope, It was the winter of despair.
We had everything before us. We had nothig before us.


Once more…

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Luis20Royo20288429I don’t wanna’ become a shadow of myself once more. Not again. No.
Time washes away our feelings, our hatred, our pain…but our life too. It’s easy being indifferent, but your own life is indifferent to you. „To all things comes an end…and we’re nothing more but a character in a story”…and an ending story I say. Now I like how some things end. That means you can have something new to begin with…until you can say it’s again, the end.

Lying myself

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6494Lying your own self for 2 years in not at all a holy affair….and now…taking me back there…I realize I just did as my mind have told, wisdom of the old…heart was never left to speak….yeah…I’ve been weak… Or maybe…heart was speaking too loud, but I never left it to shout….and my mind was all in a blur, cause deceptions & fears deceived her…. Have I learned something from all that was?…I don’t know…..cause I don’t live in the past….and my memories don’t want to last…

Fighting unholy wars

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gunThe pain we feel is nothing but a state of mind. The pain we feel is nothing more then our own mad creation. We can make it fly from us…but sometimes we don’t have the courage…we don’t have the strength…even if we want to.

It’s like you want to fly from a dark room, but sticky veins keep you from departing from it’s dirty floor…ever felt like that before?

Back to Black

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back to blackIt’s dark as only night can be. Smell of burning timber and thatch filling the air. I want to run and close the window to my room…but I can’t move. Right now I’m not laying in my bed, but on the floor.

My head aches. It seems just like yesterday I was breathing fresh air…now I’m just felling my lungs with nothing but smoke and ashes….ashes that pierce trough me, causing pain. And I start feeling IT again.
And now I realize I’m somehow wanting this pain. I keep calling for it in the morning, waiting for it at night and recall it in the afternoon. It’s like I want to get used to it….I keep calling it when I’m conscious….and the unconscious is doing his dirty work….making me dream of things I want to forget…but things I’m still unfortunately holding on….without wanting them no more.
I tied myself up…and now I can’t find a way to free myself…cause I can’t remember how I ended up like this.
Some time ago…not so long thou, I said I won’t do this anymore….so right now…I apologize….to Myself.

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gjfhfhHow could the one I gave my heart to, brake my heart so bad, how could the one who made me happy, make me feel so sad, won’t somebody tell me, so I can understand, if you love me, how could you hurt me like that, how could you cause me so much pain.

Where the sun descends alone

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royo backIn a time, where the sun descends alone, I ran a long, long way from home…to find a heart that’s made of stone. I will try….I just need a little time, to get your face right out of my mind, to see the world trough different eyes…