Arhivă pentru love

Love to love

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Love love, but do not love the man, or you’ll be in his power.

So first of all, we got to love to love.


My Last Valentine’s balad

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geisha snowFirst of all must go your scent upon my pillow and then I’ll say goodbye to your whispers in my dreams. And then our lips will part, in my mind and in my heart, ‘cause your kiss went deeper than my skin.
First of all must fly, my dreams of you and I, there’s no point on holding on to those. And then our ties will break for your and my own sake, just remember, this is what you chose.
I’ll shed like skin our memories of lazy days and fade away the shadow of your face.
Piece by piece is how I’ll let go of you. Kiss by kiss will leave my mind one at a time

One at a time…

About love…again

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Love is what moves the world, I’ve always thought…it is the only thing which allows men and women to stand in a world where gravity always seems to want to pull them down…bring them low…and make them crawl.

aahhh….love takes something from us, and we are all helpless…

About love…from an atheist

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thats_hottLove can’t be pinned down by a definition & it certainly can’t be proven. Can’t be proven as anything else important in life.
Love is people, love… a person.
Love is not an emotion.  It is a policy.

July rewind…

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sun of JulyI need some water, coz’ I’m gettin’ so dry, you’re Love is burnin’ like the sun in July…

Once more…

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Luis20Royo20288429I don’t wanna’ become a shadow of myself once more. Not again. No.
Time washes away our feelings, our hatred, our pain…but our life too. It’s easy being indifferent, but your own life is indifferent to you. „To all things comes an end…and we’re nothing more but a character in a story”…and an ending story I say. Now I like how some things end. That means you can have something new to begin with…until you can say it’s again, the end.

I am trouble, trouble, trouble…

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red geishaI cheated myself,
Like I knew I would,
I told you, I was trouble,
You know, that I’m no good…