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And autumn comes again…

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And autumn comes again, brings poison in my veins. My summer dreams will be washed in the rain….wind will blow and take my hopes away.

All that I ever build in summer days was never meant to last. Fading echoes …memories of the past. Again….all becomes my „past”.



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The one thing I regret is that you’ll part my mind and my soul, piece by piece. And time will pass. All that we ever share is starting to waste. Shadows will cover up your face, until everything will be lost. I still hold on to some parts of the past;

I regret that all will be lost.

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Fericirea sau nefericirea oamenilor este in mare parte opera lor. (John Locke)

Dar, cateodata, fericirea sau nefericirea noastra sta in cumpana nehotararii altora.


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We should not be left to dream more the one day in advance.

But life, as we know it, it’s based half on dreams, half on living. So what would our life be, without our dreams?


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And still, we ask the question „why”

Life passes through  me like light passes through  a magnifying lens.

I want to remove the glass, and leave the frame.

Backstage dreamer

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I am always watching from the backstage. watching the show. the show of Life…passing by…

Never the artist. never the showman. never the winner. They have no prize for me at all.

Blame knowledge & the ice in my whiskey glass for not letting me act at all.

Soul storm

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And it’s a soul storm again…

and I wish I were just the wind this time…

I got to stop playing tricks that deceive  my mind