23 December once more

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23 dec

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Te trezesti sa imi spui „Te iubesc” dupa ce ma plictisesc de asteptat.


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The way to hell lies before me in a frozen, forgotten land…

Winter….I want to leave my heart at home.

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6 December 2010

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a book

a cup of hot chocolate


my bed

and a big&fluffy sweater    

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It is a risk to love.

What if it doesn’t work out?

Ah, but what if it does.


Peter McWilliams


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In diminetile fara tine, as vrea sa nu ma mai trezesc.

For someone special

And autumn comes again…

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And autumn comes again, brings poison in my veins. My summer dreams will be washed in the rain….wind will blow and take my hopes away.

All that I ever build in summer days was never meant to last. Fading echoes …memories of the past. Again….all becomes my „past”.

What would you do?

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If you were to commit one completely immoral, culturally unacceptable act of sin, and tomorrow no one would remember, what would you do?


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The one thing I regret is that you’ll part my mind and my soul, piece by piece. And time will pass. All that we ever share is starting to waste. Shadows will cover up your face, until everything will be lost. I still hold on to some parts of the past;

I regret that all will be lost.

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Fericirea sau nefericirea oamenilor este in mare parte opera lor. (John Locke)

Dar, cateodata, fericirea sau nefericirea noastra sta in cumpana nehotararii altora.


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We should not be left to dream more the one day in advance.

But life, as we know it, it’s based half on dreams, half on living. So what would our life be, without our dreams?


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And still, we ask the question „why”

Life passes through  me like light passes through  a magnifying lens.

I want to remove the glass, and leave the frame.

Backstage dreamer

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I am always watching from the backstage. watching the show. the show of Life…passing by…

Never the artist. never the showman. never the winner. They have no prize for me at all.

Blame knowledge & the ice in my whiskey glass for not letting me act at all.


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Si in ultima zi, sfantu’ Iker a ridicat Cupa!!!

The Coins of Judas

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Scott McBain  –  The Coins of Judas

A song that I had only sang for just a few….

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I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled too
A song that I had only sang to just a few…
She saw my silver spurs and said: „let’s pass some time..
And I will give to you…summer wine”

Strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring
My summer wine is really made from all these things
Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time
And I will give to you summer wine

Soul storm

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And it’s a soul storm again…

and I wish I were just the wind this time…

I got to stop playing tricks that deceive  my mind


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We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.

Love to love

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Love love, but do not love the man, or you’ll be in his power.

So first of all, we got to love to love.

Why don’t you do right?

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You had plenty of money in 1922…You let other women make a fool of you…

Why don’t you do right…Like some other men do?…

Za bag

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(nu stiu de ce se vede neclar…)

Geanta e mai „no name” (defapt e Parfois) – dar accept donatii de genti LV, nu ma supar 😛

pix 1, pix 2, coli de scris, portofel mare, portofel pt marunt, purple gloves, agenda, pix3!!!, solutie lentile contact (nah, unii sunt mai chiori,), zewa mini softies, gloss-gloss-ruj, chei (cu victoria’s secret key chain), lollipop, pix4(wtf!?)(asta cu playboy bunny il tin mereu la mine), balsam buze, mobil (fara husa, poate se zgarie mai repede si imi iau altul), parfum coco  chanel (not my fav dar merge), biletel (defapt era o lista de shopping), oja(?), chewing gum (imi place ambalajul), data stick; [iar in functie de zii se mai aduna diverse chestii pe acolo]

Now let’s TAG (mwahahaha): Briza & KoKo (care o sa ma bata ca am pus’o la treaba) & cine mai trece pe aici si vrea sa faca un „what’s in my purse” 🙂

Waisting time

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Hello darkness my old friend…
I come to talk to you again…
Time goes by. And I m loosing day after day right now….I have my dreams but I’m stuck in reality. My own reality.
I need air.
I need water.
I need fire.
This three.
Cuz’ earth I don’t want no more.

Datini de bloggari :)

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1. Fiecare Scriitor Superior trebuie sa dea mai departe premiul la 5 prieteni bloggeri speciali

2. Fiecare Scriitor Superior trebuie sa isi creeze o legatura pe net la blogul de la care a primit premiul.

3. Fiecare Scriitor Superior trebuie sa isi prezinte premiul pe blog si sa adauge un link la acest post, care ne explica ce este cu premiul

4. Fiecare Scriitor Superior care a castigat premiul este rugat sa viziteze acest post si sa isi adauge numele la Mr. Linky List

5. Fiecare Scriitor Superior trebuie sa posteze aceste reguli pe blogul lui.

Nu am o ordine anume. Am ales blogurile, si nu oamenii…sau am ales oamenii si nu blogurile lor…dar blogurile sunt o parte (mai mare sau mai mica) din ei…

Fosta mea colega…pe care nu am mai vazut-o de muuuuult, si care ma face sa visez de fiecare data la lucruri simple:  supercalifragilisticexpialidocius ( 😛 );

Andra, singura persoana careia i-am citit blogul, cap-coada, pana la 4 dimineata (era unul din fostele bolguri…yep…un blog inchis acum);

The green eyed girl, care ma speriase acum ceva vreme ca isi inchide blogul :);

Special K….pentru cat de mult suflet pune si pentru ca transmite o poveste cu fiecare culoare;

IrinaBabyBubbles, careia ii urmaresc blogul de mult (inclusiv inceputul…de pe hi5)…si care ma binedispune de fiecare data;

aici nu pun punct. sunt multe boguri pe care le urmaresc…aceste 5 insa au cate ceva special pt mine.

Things I want for my B’day

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Asti Martini Champagne





                                                                                                                     My geisha robe






                                                       Stripper high heels

Lots of roses




                                                             Animal print sheets           


Private lessons for a Capricorn

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Lectia sa, este sa-i invete pe ceilalti ca iubirea este intelepciune, iar ea trebuie sa invete de la ceilalti ca iubirea este altruism. Caci frica de iubire este un sentiment vecin cu extrema dorinta de a iubi.

Cuz’ I was always to late or always to early in someone’s else life.


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Now this goes for me, for you, and for all the ones we know.

We can’t beat fate but we can play along and make the most of it. Try to be happy.

after X-mas

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Eu nu prea mai simt Craciunul de cativa ani incoace. Sad…but true. Pentru mine nu mai inseamna altceva decat cooking si goana dupa cateva cadouri acolo 😛 (ah da, si stresul si nervii alor mei -pe care trebuie sa ii suport- pt masa de Craciun pe care o dam in fiecare an). Cat despre cadou….de cand eram mica ai mei mi-au dat bani sa imi iau cate ceva. Foarte convenient. Dar se duce toata bucuria gasirii unui cadou sub brad (fie el cat de mic).

De la anu’ poate se schimba ceva. Mai degraba schimb eu ceva in mine…Let’s hope for the best… 

(post inspirat de Dana – seems like we feel the same) 🙂

Merry X-mas!

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Santa is comin’ tonight.


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No one can say he is himself, until first he knows that he is, and then what himself is. In fact, nobody is himself, and himself is nobody.

I, Shinue, the Egyptian

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Egipteanul. de Mika Waltari

About love…again

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Love is what moves the world, I’ve always thought…it is the only thing which allows men and women to stand in a world where gravity always seems to want to pull them down…bring them low…and make them crawl.

aahhh….love takes something from us, and we are all helpless…

on Youth…

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It was the best of times, It was the worst of times…
It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.
It was the season of light, It was the season of darkness..
It was the spring of hope, It was the winter of despair.
We had everything before us. We had nothig before us.

November playlist

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Mood: november rain
Guns’N Roses – November Rain
Guns’N Roses – Don’t Cry
Scorpions – Rythem of Love
Def Leppard – Love Bites
Alice Cooper – Only my Heart Talking
The Doors – Riders on the storm
Cargo – Ziua Vrajitoarelor
Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart
Rammstein – Wilder Wein
The Cult – Painted on my Heart
Alice Cooper – Love’s a Loded Gun


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gfbfgbfgbfgbSome words for Capricorn:

stable    serious    independent   rocklike    confident   strong willed   calm hardworking    unemotional    shrewd    practical    responsible   persevering    capable     backbone    resourceful    determined    high standards    honesty   criticism    respect   discipline    methodical    tough    stubborn    ambition


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When I had nothing more to lose, I was given everything. When I ceased to be who I am, I found myself.  When i experienced humiliation and yet keep on walking, I understood that I was free to choose my destiny!

New York state of mind

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About love…from an atheist

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thats_hottLove can’t be pinned down by a definition & it certainly can’t be proven. Can’t be proven as anything else important in life.
Love is people, love…..is a person.
Love is not an emotion.  It is a policy.

Blonde on Brunette

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Imperfection is  beauty, madness is  genius.  And it’s better to be absolutely  ridiculous  than absolutely boring.



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Probabil tu, iubitul meu, m-ai abandonat din cauza ca ne dadeam unul altuia prea multe dovezi de dragoste.
Dupa ce, intr-o camera de baie atat de indepartata de hotelul unde va aflati voi doi, am simtit parfumul patului vostru nuptial, in sufletul meu s-a inchis o usa.
De cand ai parasit aceasta lume, nici macar o data nu ti-am vazut infatisarea.
Nici  macar o data nu ti-am mai auzit vocea.
Aripile ingerului meu s-au frant.
Si asta pentru ca nu vreau sa zbor catre acea lume a mortii unde te aflii tu.
Nu as regret deloc sa renunt la viata pentru tine. Daca dupa moarte ar fi sa ma reintrupez, te-as urma chiar si maine.
Eu, cea din ziua de azi, decat sa primesc din lumea spiritelor dovezi ale dragostei tale sau sa ajung iubita ta in lumea umbrelor subpamantene sau intr-o lume viitoare, ar fi mult mai frumos sa devenim amandoi flori de prun rosu sau de oleandru, iar fluturii care poarta polenul sa ne casatoreasca.
N-as mai avea atunci nevoie sa ma adresez in felul asta unui mort, dupa atat de tristul obicei al oamenilor.

Goodbye summer….hello rain!

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July rewind…

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sun of JulyI need some water, coz’ I’m gettin’ so dry, you’re Love is burnin’ like the sun in July…

Coffe or tea?

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Coffee or tea?

Coffee. Tea is for laziness. And I’m not in it for that right now. I’ll leave it for autumn. The rainy, lazy autumn…


Dead end…

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Dead end to one path…dead_end

…leads to an open highway.


as an advice…

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geishs av 5 memoirsI simply ask you to see that there is only one thing to do when we fall, and that is to get up, and go on with the life that is set in front of us, and try to do the good of which are hands are capable for the people who come in our way.


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wOYmAW904385-02A word can never be unspoken once it has been spoken…If you speak a word with the strength of your heart in it, you can never get that word out of the ears of the one you speak it to and back into your mouth again. Once a word goes forth, it makes things happen for better or for worse. Nothing you do will ever make those things un-happen even if you live for a thousand years…

Sunny rain…

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Cuz’ every rainbow has a story…


after a sunny Sunday rain…

Capricorn II

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Capricorn reason

Riders on the Storm…

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Like a dog without a bone

An actor out on loan…..Riders on the Storm


6 December 2010

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a book

a cup of hot chocolate


my bed

and a big & fluffy sweater